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2016 California Employment Law Update
Through infographics, survey responses, and quizzes, you will gain a better understanding of new laws currently affecting your company and work life, and gain an enhanced ability to preempt workplace issues before they escalate.
Background Checks for Hiring (New - 2016)
Employers need to make informed hiring decisions to protect their employees and organizations. This course will teach employers how to legally obtain background checks and how employers can use the information they discover.
Bloodborne Pathogens (New - 2016)
This course helps employees understand bloodborne pathogens, how to protect themselves from exposure, and how to react if exposed.
Breastfeeding & Lactation Accommodations
Supporting breastfeeding mothers at work is the law. This course explores the rules and best practices, including the steps you need to take when an employee returns from maternity leave.
Calculate the Regular Rate
When non-exempt employees work overtime, they must receive at least time-and-a-half (1.5 x) their "regular rate." This course explains the legal definition of "regular rate" and teaches the methods to calculate it.
Checkpoint: Data Security & Privacy
People, not technology, are the greatest vulnerability in an institution's data security program. Checkpoint gives your employees the skills and knowledge to spot phishing scams and prevent data breaches before they happen.
Complying With The Call Of Nature
Federal regulations govern the number, location, and conditions of employee restrooms. This course describes the required physical facilities, employees' access rights, sex-segregation and non-traditional genders, and health and safety issues. It also covers accommodating employees with disabilities, managing restroom use, and OSHA's enforcement policies.
Diversity: Skills for Collaboration
Employees need to learn how to collaborate with a diverse workforce, and this course shows them how to do so while emphasizing the benefits of diversity.
FERPA Basics (New - 2016)
FERPA Basics trains employees of colleges and universities how to adequately protect education records.
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prohibits bribing foreign officials, and this course shows employees how to deal with these officials in a way that avoids costly violations.
Hazard Communication (CA) (New - 2016)
Employers must provide hazard communication training all workers who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals at work. When supplemented with worksite-specific training, this course fulfills this training mandate.
Hazard Communication (US) (New - 2016)
Employers must provide hazard communication training all workers who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals at work. When supplemented with worksite-specific training, this course fulfills this training mandate.
Healthcare Exchange Notice
Starting October 2013, employers must distribute notices about the new Health Insurance Exchange created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This course describes the employers covered by the rule, the workers entitled to notices, what the notices must contain, and how and when to deliver the notices.
HIPAA Basics
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires employee training to protect the confidentiality of healthcare information, and this course covers the essentials of HIPAA compliance.
Holiday Parties
Holiday parties are a great way to celebrate the year. But if they are not planned well, they can result in liability. This course explores the main party problem areas, providing tips for minimizing the risk without minimizing the fun.
Identifying Candidates (New - 2016)
You've identified that you need to hire someone. Now what? This course helps employers decide who to interview by exploring best practices and providing resources to craft smart job descriptions and identify great candidates, legally.
Injury & Illness Prevention (New - 2016)
This course helps businesses promote a safe workplace, prevent injuries and illnesses, and reduce accidents by giving all employees the agency to think and to prepare.
Insider Trading (New - 2016)
Everyone with access to information about any publicly traded company needs training on how to use that information wisely — including what illegal "insider trading" is, its consequences, and how to avoid it.
Interviewing Candidates (New - 2016)
Every employer needs to hire new employees from time to time, and the interview is an indispensable part of the hiring process. This course teaches essential skills to conduct successful and legally sound interviews likely to lead to the right hire.
Managing Bias (New - 2016)
Bias is very common in the workplace, which can create an unhealthy work environment when left unchecked. This course defines a complex topic in easy-to-understand terms and provides research-backed tools to manage bias in then workplace.
Medical Leave Accommodations
When employees with disabilities need time off, the employer may be required to provide medical leave. This course explains how to manage requests for time off from employees after they've exhausted their leave benefits.
Medicare Fraud, Waste, & Abuse
Penalties for Medicare fraud are stiff and these schemes take many forms that may be hard to recognize, but this course trains employees how to detect and report them.
PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
LawRoom's PCI DSS course introduces the 12 requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and instructs employees on how to keep important payment card information secure.
Personal Cars For Work
Requiring employees to drive their own cars for work-related tasks creates unique risks and responsibilities. This course guides you past the obstacles, offering a sample mileage reimbursement policy and tips to reduce liability.
Pregnancy Accommodations (CA)
Effective December 30, 2012, California has new regulations and new official forms for PDL and pregnancy accommodations. Our brief (10-15 minutes) online training will guide you through the new rules.
Protect Children
This course trains employees and volunteers to recognize the signs of child abuse, and to comply with California law by reporting suspected abuse.
Social Media & Your Job (New - 2016)
Most employees are plugged into social media. This courses teaches them how to use social media responsibly and effectively.
The Global HazCom Training Mandate
By December 1, 2013, employers must train covered workers on new hazard communication regulations that align them with international standards, and this course shows them how to comply.
Touchstone: Tools for an Ethical Workplace
All employees make decisions. Ethics training gives them tools and support to make the right decision in the face of potentially adverse consequences.
UK Bribery Act
The UK Bribery Act applies to any organization doing business in the UK, and this training can be an integral part of maintaining anti-bribery procedures for your organization.
Workplace Violence Prevention (New - 2016)
This course gives employees necessary tools to help reduce the risk of encountering violence in the workplace.
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