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All the supervisor courses we offer in one list.
Arm your supervisory employees with the knowledge and confidence to be their most effective and productive.
Access to Personnel Records (CA)
In 2013, California enacted new rules for personnel records requests. This course guides you through these rules so you can comply.
Accommodating Disabilities (US) (New - 2016)
This course trains supervisors how to identify qualified applicants and employees with disabilities, and engage in the interactive process to provide reasonable accommodations required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended.
Accommodating Workers With Disabilities (CA)
This course explains what disability is, how to avoid discrimination based on a disability, and when to provide reasonable accommodations for one.
Anti-Harassment & Discrimination
Supervisors must maintain a workplace free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, and this course explains how to fulfill these legal responsibilities.
Avoid Workplace Retaliation
While dealing with a troublesome employee, a supervisor may engage in illegal retaliation, and this course illustrates how to avoid it.
Classify Independent Contractors
This course cuts through the confusing laws governing worker misclassification and provides a straightforward approach to correctly classifying workers and avoiding costly mistakes.
Duty to Prevent Violence
There are steps you can take to reduce the risk of violence in the workplace, and this course helps supervisors identify risk and prevent tragedies.
Form I-9 for Managers
Managers you entrust to complete Form I-9 need training to complete Form I-9 properly, and to protect employees from illegal discrimination. This course uses real-world interactive scenarios to teach managers these essential skills, as well as how to handle reverifications and rehires and understand the role of E-Verify.
Getting Unpaid Internships Right
Companies that follow certain rules can avoid paying interns. However, as many recent high-profile lawsuits demonstrate, employers who get it wrong face costly payouts and legal penalties.
Hiring I: Identify Candidates
Hiring new employees is risky business, and this course gives employers a road map for finding the best candidates legally.
Hiring II: Interview & Select
Once you've found qualified candidates, you need interview and choose them legally, and that's the focus of this course.
Managing a Mobile Workforce
This course explains how the advances in Internet connectivity affect employer obligations regarding reasonable accommodation, worktime, and work-related telecommunication use.
Paid Sick Leave
Starting in 2015, employers will be required to provide paid sick leave (PSL) to almost every employee in California. This course analyzes and explains examines the PSL law, the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 (AB 1522).
Performance Reviews
This course covers the skills necessary for conducting effective performance reviews that benefit an organization rather than create headaches for it.
Recognize Drug & Alcohol Abuse
This course explains how to detect and confront employee substance abuse before it results in lost productivity, neglected responsibilities, and workplace injuries, without violating privacy or disability laws.
Social Media for Managers
Employees' irresponsible Internet postings cause irreparable harm, and this course helps supervisors lawfully identify and respond to them in a way that avoids damage to your business.
Terminating Employees
A proper termination requires preparation and documentation that protects the organization from liability, and this course shows supervisors how to terminate legally and with caution.
Wage and Hour Training for Managers
The complex regulations governing payrolls, worktime, and scheduling are not easy to follow, and this course gives supervisors the wage-and-hour guidance they need.
Workplace Investigations
Ignoring complaints of illegal conduct can lead to the financial ruin of an organization, and this course tells supervisors how to investigate them legally.
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