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Classify Independent Contractors (Supervisor)
This course cuts through the confusing laws governing worker misclassification and provides a straightforward approach to correctly classifying workers and avoiding costly mistakes.
Course Overview
Worker misclassification is a common mistake. Given the patchwork of laws that governs this area, it's no wonder. And it has dire consequences. Federal and state governments prosecute, penalize, and collect for lost tax revenue. Employees sue for unpaid wages, overtime, and more. Employers can find themselves stuck with overwhelming liabilities for one bad decision made years earlier.

This course cuts through the confusion and provides a straightforward approach to classifying workers. It provides a comprehensive survey of the most common factors used to determine worker status, so supervisors can retain independent contractors with confidence. It also demonstrates the most common ways a supervisor can run afoul of the law, so that yours won't make the same mistakes.

AB1825 places certain requirements on web-based training, including instructional design, interactivity, content, anti-harassment policy, tracking, and record-keeping. Our training solution exceeds every requirement. We provide broader protection for your company because the course also covers other forms of discrimination besides sexual harassment and because we strive beyond simply informing employees. We aim to influence behavior and improve performance.

Real World Cases

Real Cases
We believe in the power of story-telling as an instructional technique. We research hundreds of harassment cases and use them as the basis for scenarios that are rich in detail and true to life.
  • Identifying harassment
  • Reporting complaints
  • Remedies for for victims
  • Preventing harassment

Meaningful Interactions

Real Cases
Supervisors don't need to know the technical aspects of the law. They need to know how to prevent harassment in their workplace. We provide them meaningful and memorable interactions that are relevant to their job.
  • Workplace hypotheticals
  • Skill-building activities
  • Decision-making practice
  • Immediate, useful feedback
  • Learning assessments

Learning Management System

Real Cases
Administrators can register and track attendees by course, departments, locations, verify course completion, and send customized email reminders to employees about progress. The LMS also ensures the 2-hour time requirement is met.
  • Easy administration
  • Automated tracking
  • Smart timer
  • 72 possible reports
  • Print certificates

The interactive training is available 24/7 from any PC connected to the Internet. Here's a list of features.

  • Interactive activities:
    • case studies
    • Dialogs
    • Multi-Quiz scenarios
    • Compliance quiz
  • Related Real Case pop-ups (optional reading)
  • Real Case reviews
  • Integration of company logo & policy, if applicable
  • Electronic acknowledgement of your policy
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Smart Timer for AB 1825 course
  • Course outline for easy navigation
  • Glossary for common legal terms
  • Law & Cases tab for easy review
  • Built-in notepad to take notes
Easy-to-Use ToolBox

The Toolbox is a hosted, simplified online Learning Management System (LMS) that makes it a snap to administer, track, and report your online training, whether you have one or 50 users. Click on the sections below to learn about the ToolBox.

Admin Tools

From this screen, you can:
  • Add Ask the Instructor contact
  • Add a policy to a course
  • Add users
  • Buy courses
  • Create Auto Eminders

Assign Courses

You can easily assign an available course to one or many users. Once assigned, the program sends an email invitation to the user with the course and user's login information.


This screen displays a list of users and their user information. You can:
  • Edit user information
  • Deactivate or reactivate users
  • Print the user list or download to an excel file

User Course Progress

This screen displays the user course progress, and for each course, shows:
  • Assigned date
  • Due date (which can be changed)
  • Expires date
  • Status (n-start, started, expired, etc.)
  • Policy Acknowledgement, if applicable
  • Done % or date
And you can:
  • Unassign a course not started
  • Print the courses progress or download to an excel file

My Courses

This screen displays the courses assigned to you (the user), and for each course, shows:
  • Assigned date
  • Due date
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Tech Requirements

Processor: Pentium or AMD class or above
Screen Size: 1024x768 min recommended
Op System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows and Macintosh OSX 10.2x
Browser: Internet Explorer 7 & 8 and Firefox 1.5-3.0, Safari 2.0x
Plug-ins: Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher
Bandwidth: Access from a 56K modem to high-speed
In Session: Cookies, SSL, and JavaScript Enabled and Pop blockers Disabled

LawRoom System Information

System Reliability: 99.97% Up-time Performance
Back-up: Hard Drive to Hard Drive & Off Line Types
Secure Code Mgt: SourceSafe
Virus Protection: Symantec
Communications: TCP/IP
Hardware: Dell Power Edge Servers, Cisco Switches, Cisco firewalls
Software: Windows Server 2003, Internet Info Server 6.0, SQL Server 2005, ASP, .NET 2.0, AJAX

LawRoom Security
Physical Security: LawRoom maintains its servers on seismically-braced racks. The power supply has 1,000 lbs of back-up batteries, capable of running the servers for several hours.

Network Security

  • Multiple T1 connections from major providers. Servers are hidden from public polling through private address or network address translation;
  • Only ports 80 and 443 are opened on web/application servers;
  • All user communication is encrypted with a 128-bit Secure-Sockets-Layer (SSL) certificate.

Server Security

  • Redundant Data Storage: RAID 1/5 hard disk configuration (actual configuration varies per server based specific server purpose and disk utilization) protects each server from hard disk failure;
  • Redundant Power: Each server (application, database) has a minimum of two power supplies and they are fed power from both available power supply and battery.

LMS Application Security

  • The LawRoom site is password protected and requires both users and administrators to use a unique username/password combination to access the site;
  • Session credentials are validated on each page accessed;
  • Sensitive data (user information) are transmitted between client and server machines, using up to 128-bit SSL encryption (based on a user’s browser)
  • Activity logging is performed and monitored and user sessions will timeout after defined periods of inactivity.


Server activity is backed up every 30 minutes and stored on and off site. All production servers are backed up regularly, according to the following process, to allow for quick recovery:

  • Full backups are performed weekly
  • Incremental backups are performed daily
  • Backups are stored on-site for one week and rotated to off-site storage
Why LawRoom – Train with Confidence

LawRoom is a unique resource that supports workplace compliance. Since 1994, LawRoom has helped 55,000 companies comply with the complex web of employment laws by providing weekly updates and “tailored answers” to over 6,000 workplace questions. And since 2004, LawRoom has trained over 2,200 companies, both large and small, on employment law compliance by providing interactive online training.

LawRoom knows employment law -- train with confidence:

  • We guarantee that our training complies with the AB1825 law ** (only for AB 1825 course)
  • Our California lawyers produce our compliance training
  • In the event of a lawsuit, we offer a supporting litigation package
  • Training is approved by the EEOC, DFEH, and DOJ in consent decrees
  • We are an endorsed training provider by PIHRA and NCHRA
  • We are an approved training provider for the:
  • Human Resources Certification Institute (SHRM) ***show logos for each on right ****
  • California State Bar

Why LawRoom – advantages over live training

Online training offers many advantages over live training. For one, attendees in live training can listen passively. So, there is no way to be sure they’re engaged and comprehend the training. Online training is individualized and challenges attendees’ comprehension with interactive exercises and real world role-playing activities. Plus, online training is available 24/7 from any computer connected to the Internet. This allows employees to train at their own pace and convenience and be more productive. But best of all, you don’t have to bring back a trainer for the employees who missed the live training.

Other advantages over live training:

  • Consistent quality, message, and training
  • Quickly deploy and train entire workforce
  • Less disruption of work-time – more cost-effective
  • Track progress and generate reports
  • Electronic evidence of training

Don’t take our word for the advantage of online over live training. According to the U.S. Department of Education, "a systematic search of the research literature from 1996 through July 2008 identified more than a thousand empirical studies of online learning. Analysts screened these studies . . . and found that, on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction."

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